What you need to know about e-liquid

The main component of the electronic cigarette is the e-liquid is the basic element of vaping. But what exactly is this component? What is its composition? Above all, how to choose your e-cigarette liquid?

What is e-liquid?

Also known as e-cigarette liquid or vaping liquid, e-liquid is a flavoured liquid used in electronic cigarettes. If some e-liquids have no nicotine in their compositions, most generally contain a few dosages to give a smoker the same impression as with a classic cigarette.

Once heated, the e-liquid vaporizes in the e-cigarette and is then inhaled by the smoker. Available on specialized websites, in tobacconists and shops, e-liquid is mainly in the form of pre-filled cartridges or vials.

What is the composition of the e-liquid?

Contrary to popular belief, the composition of e-liquid is not complicated. Indeed, the liquid for electronic cigarettes is composed of only four main substances:

  • propylene glycol;
  • vegetable glycerin;
  • the aroma, to differentiate itself from other e-liquids;
  • and nicotine.

The rumour that the composition of the e-liquid is never known is therefore only an unfounded assertion.

How to choose your e-liquid?

While regular cigarettes are mostly made of tobacco, e-cigarette liquids come in a wide variety of flavours. Depending on your taste, your preference and also your habit, a wide choice of e-liquid flavors is available to you.

If you like classic flavours

Followers of classic flavours, opt for the tobacco flavour when you buy your e-liquid. With this category, you feel almost the same feeling as smoking classic cigarettes. Having the same component as tobacco, their tastes are similar.

Ideal to help former smokers move towards vaping, the tobacco-flavoured e-liquid is the best alternative to start a smooth conversion. This type of e-liquid is therefore highly recommended if you are a beginner in terms of vaping.

In addition, you can also test other flavours while keeping the classic aroma. Indeed, the combination of an e-liquid with a classic aroma with another flavour of your choice is now feasible.

If you love sweet flavours

Appearing very recently on the e-liquid market, gourmet aromas are perfect if you are the type to love sweet flavours. Dedicated mainly to sugar lovers, these aromas have been designed to remind them of their favourite sweets such as cakes, candies, etc.

If you like sweets, you have a wide choice of gourmet flavours, ranging from liquorice flavour to caramel flavour, through coffee and cotton candy. In short, faced with a wide variety of gourmet aromas, you are free to choose the flavour you like.

If you prefer sweetness and exoticism

If you love sweetness and exoticism more than anything else, choose an e-liquid with fruity aromas. Moreover, it is surely for this reason that this kind of aroma is more particularly appreciated by women, rather than men. They like to gain pleasure by mixing many fruity tastes.

Fruits are present today in various products such as perfumes, cosmetics and of course e-liquids. If you like sweetness, freshness and above all exoticism, simply choose an e-liquid with cherry, strawberry, lime, mango, apple, grape, pineapple, etc.