The true centrepiece of an electronic cigarette, the clearomiser is not to be chosen lightly. To make the right choice and acquire the product that best meets your expectations, it is necessary to know how a clearomizer works. The design and features may differ between brands and models, but the design of a clearomizer remains almost always the same.


At the bottom of a  clearomizer, you will find a piece called the pin. This threaded piece allows you to screw your tank onto your e-cigarette. Above this thread is the base generally equipped with an airflow which offers the possibility of managing the flow of air which will arrive in your clearomiser. A large air inlet will provide more steam; conversely, a smaller arrival will concentrate the flavours. Small particularity, the airflow is sometimes at the top of the tank. This atypical positioning has the significant advantage of limiting leaks…

Next comes a part called the tank. Mainly made of pyrex, this transparent part has the role of receiving the liquid and therefore of supplying the resistance which is enclosed in an atomization chamber – we will come back to this a little later. To keep the pyrex in place, you can count on a top cap. Made most of the time in metal, this top is screwed above the pyrex and most of the time now has a hole which makes it very easy to fill the tank. To complete this tank, we will find the famous drip tip. Composed of resin or plastic, this mouthpiece allows you to suck the vapour that will be produced by the clearomiser.


Now the big question remains: how is steam produced? By filling your tank with e-liquid, it will soak the resistance (we invite you to wait about ten minutes after filling). The latter is very often made of cotton and a resistive wire. The latter can be made of kanthal, stainless steel or titanium for example. But whatever the material of your resistance, the principle is the same: once the cotton is full of liquid, it will be heated by the resistive wire and the vapour will escape from your clearomizer with simple pressure on the on/off button of your electronic cigarette!

The more attentive will not have forgotten that we spoke above of the atomization chamber… A real receptacle for resistance, this part can be more or less large. The smaller its size, the more powerful the flavours. So imagine a small atomization chamber coupled with a tight airflow…. An explosion of flavours!

You have now become unbeatable on how a clearomizer works. It only remains for you to determine if you are a direct or indirect inhalation… The serious things begin!