The dosage of nicotine in e-liquid

When we switch to electronic cigarettes, we want to stop the classic cigarette. The information posted here and there on the dangers of conventional cigarettes is scary and stopping becomes mandatory. This is why electronic cigarette helps you quit smoking in style.

What is nicotine? 

First of all, it is important to know what nicotine is. For this, we will do some simple science. Nicotine is a molecule absorbed when the user takes a puff of a cigarette. It can bind to certain receptors in the brain. These receptors are those of the reward.

Indeed, when you are thirsty, you will drink. Drinking sends signals to the brain which releases other molecules to make you feel good. This feeling is the reward. The phenomenon is the same for cigarettes. Once the body is accustomed to receiving nicotine, it will demand even more to reproduce this feeling of reward.

The problem with the classic cigarette is that the absorption of nicotine is accompanied by harmful compounds resulting from the degradation of the cigarette. To wean yourself more quickly, you can count on elegant and sexy means like the e-cigarette.

The dosage of the e-cigarette in nicotine

To help wean off the classic cigarette, the electronic cigarette can deliver a certain dose of nicotine. The advantage is that you have neither the inconvenience of odours nor the ingestion of compounds resulting from combustion.

The goal is to take it step by step. The e-liquid may not contain nicotine. They are electronic cigarettes with a simple aroma. Health authorities authorize nicotine doses of less than 20 mg/ml. Beyond that, it is a drug and the e-liquid must be granted an AMM (Marketing Authorization).

Thus, there are several dosages of nicotine ranging from 0 mg/ml to 20 mg/ml. To know your dose, you will have to look at the packs of your old classic cigarettes. The dose of nicotine theoretically absorbed during consumption is indicated. The theoretical rate indicated is then multiplied by the number of cigarettes in a pack. 

How to make e-liquid yourself?

The trend of the moment is DIY e-liquid, to understand “do it yourself“… or to do it yourself! After fashion accessories, cosmetics and even household products… It’s the turn of e-liquid for electronic cigarettes that DIY is attacking.

Some brands and resellers are beginning to add this option to their offer to interest-motivated and involved Internet users who are above all thirsty for creativity. We can cite Magic Elixirs. Several arguments can be put forward: to save money, personalize its flavour and recycle its bottles. Enough to seduce a large number of vapers.

In general, you need a base of Propylene Glycol Glycerin or both. The Recharges-liquids staff advises you to combine the two for better rendering in PG / GV ratios of 80 / 20% or 70 / 30%. We also specify that it is this base that will hold your nicotine level in mg, from zero to … as you wish! 

To this, add a few drops of aromas, 1 or more, it’s up to you to judge the originality of your flavour!

Appreciate the dosages by dripping. If too many flavours, add a base, or on the contrary, if not enough flavours, add more.

Don’t forget to bring useful accessories for the experiment such as empty bottles, pipettes, and syringes…

A few safety tips: Avoid any splashes in your eyes. Liquids containing nicotine must be handled with protective gloves and concentrated flavours. Do not leave your products for children and animals lying around.

Anyway, if you want to buy e-liquids for the best price, you can do it in every vape shop online or offline.