The choice of the nicotine level for your electronic cigarette is a real headache and even more when you start. 3, 6, 12 or even 18 mg/ml, how to choose the rate best suited to your nicotine needs. Follow all our advice to choose the nicotine level you need!

The nicotine contained in our e liquids

Nicotine is different from tobacco, confusion sometimes appears in the collective mind. Nicotine is contained in tobacco, but nicotine does not contain all the harmful substances that are present in our traditional cigarettes.

Our enemy is therefore tobacco and not nicotine. In the e liquids, you will find it in different dosages 3, 6, 12… for a maximum of 20 mg/ml. A 10 ml bottle in 3 mg/ml, contains 30 mg of nicotine.

The addiction

The question of dependency is very complex, it is the result of a multiplicity of factors. It would be so simple to categorize smokers according to the number of cigarettes they smoke per day. However, nicotine needs can vary from one day, from one moment of the day to another. We do not all smoke the same cigarettes, the damage of light cigarettes has been widely publicized.

However today, it is complicated to define its state of dependence. You can test your physical dependence, to get an idea. To help you choose your first e-liquid.

The secret of the hit

We talk about Hit to express the tingling sensation that you feel in the back of your throat during aspiration. It’s this “itchy” effect that mimics the pleasurable sensation you get from smoking a traditional cigarette.

The nicotine level has a direct influence on this hit. The higher the rate, the more intense the sensation. This is exactly where you have to find the happy medium. With too strong a hit, your throat will be irritated, with too weak a hit, you will feel an obvious craving.

The power of your hardware

The power of your equipment should not be overlooked when making your purchase. Indeed, vapers tend to forget that the power of the e-cigarette will have an impact on the feeling in the throat.

Previously, the material was often not very powerful requiring the use of e-liquid with high levels of nicotine. This era is well and truly over, today we have more powerful and efficient models on the market.

With a powerful electronic cigarette, an e-liquid strongly dosed in nicotine can quickly become unflappable. Whether you want to make big clouds of smoke or find a feeling close to the traditional cigarette, the dosage will be different.

If you are a new vaper, looking for a more traditional vaping, you will have to opt for a high dosage combined with a low-power e-cigarette. Focus on easy-to-use starter kits for beginners. Remember, the higher the potency, the lower your nicotine level should be.

For an avalanche of smoke, you must vape in sub-ohm, that is to say with low resistance and therefore a weakly dosed e-liquid. You can opt for models with more power to counterbalance the lack of nicotine.

The alternative of e liquids to nicotine salts?

The e liquids with nicotine salts have several advantages. They allow vapers to vape with high nicotine levels, 10mg/ml or 20mg/ml, while being gentle on your throat.

If you think that an e-liquid with a high rate of nicotine is more suited to your needs, but you cannot stand it, test an e-liquid with nicotine salts. They will allow you to quickly satisfy your nicotine needs, without irritation or unpleasant coughing.

Attention the e liquids with nicotine salts being strongly dosed in nicotine, it is necessary to use the adapted material. Opt for an electronic cigarette with low power or ideally a Pod.

Some tips for choosing your nicotine level

In practice, we retain this classification, for a first approach.

This table serves as a guide, it’s up to you to adapt according to your needs and for that nothing better than to TEST! Choose two different levels of nicotine at the start, and test the one that suits you best. Here are some explanations, to narrow down your choice:

0 mg/ml – for non-smokers.

The zero dosage is for the attention of non-smokers because an e-liquid without nicotine does not cause a “hit”. If you want a hookah-like experience, then this type of liquid is for you.

3 mg/ml: for “cloud chasers” and light smokers

The 3 mg/ml is very popular with sub-ohm vapers. The liquid is under-dosed because the production of vapour in sub-ohm is very important. Light smokers (less than 10 cigarettes per day) can try this dosage with a fairly powerful battery.

6 mg/ml – 12 mg/ml: for regular smokers

The 6 mg/ml is perfect for those who smoke between 10 and 20 cigarettes a day and have a tube mod or a box mod. The power of the device will compensate for the nicotine dosage and will cause a good quality throat hit.

The 12 mg/ml is recommended for regular smokers or light smokers who have a fixed voltage battery. The dosage will compensate for the low potency. The 12 mg/ml e-liquids are also suitable for heavy smokers who have gone through a stronger dosage and who want to gradually reduce their nicotine addiction.

16 mg/ml and more: for heavy smokers

The 16 mg/ml and 18 mg/ml are reserved either for heavy smokers or for those who consume more than one pack per day. According to the European directive on tobacco products, the maximum authorized dosage for the sale of e-liquid is 20 mg/ml.

The nicotine level is very important to have a good vaping experience. It is your best ally to make the transition between tobacco and e-cigs as smooth as possible. You can adjust your dosage at any time to avoid cracking. The secret is the test.

In the meantime, good vape to all!