A few big brands like Eleaf, Joyetech and even Aspire to dominate the electronic cigarette market, but they are not the only ones. To guide you and help you make the right choices for your future purchases, let’s decipher the leading brands together.

Eleaf electronic cigarettes

Eleaf is one of the pioneering brands in the world of vaping. Established in China, it combines quality, innovation and diversity. It actively participates in the development of the electronic cigarette market.

Eleaf is particularly known for its famous Pico, Istick and Ikonn models which have quickly become references in their field. It is also positioned on clearomisers with formidable performance such as the Mello or the Ello.

Choosing an Eleaf electronic cigarette means acquiring high-quality equipment, with neat finishes and excellent value for money.

Smoktech electronic cigarettes

Smok triumphs in innovation. It is at the origin of the double coil for clearomisers, widely reused by its competitors. It also develops particularly powerful chipsets.

The brand is very active on mods that offer remarkable qualities with ease of use. Smoktech also rhymes with power, its models offer endless clouds of vapour. We cannot mention Smok without addressing the famous Alien, TVF8 or TVF12 models.

Smoktech also offers a wide selection of Pods that cater to both beginners and more seasoned vapers.

Joyetech electronic cigarettes

Among the pioneers, Joyetech has its place. Many vapers have started vaping with a Joyetech product, with the Ego AIO for example, the Atopack Penguin kit or the Dolfin.

Joyetech is particularly renowned for offering easy-to-use all-in-one kits that are ideal for beginners. However, it does not skimp on the most seasoned, with electronic mods that are both efficient and ergonomic like the Spy box. Joyetech is an excellent choice to start vaping serenely.

Aspire electronic cigarettes

Aspire is a Chinese brand founded in 2013. It particularly excels in making all-in-one kits, but also easy-to-use kits to start vaping.

The clearomizers are also a big hobby of the brand, how not to mention the famous Nautilus clearomizer? A great classic! The Cleito tank has also met with great success, it skilfully combines ease of use and high performance. Aspire ‘s creations such as the Nautilus series or the BVC coils have largely contributed to the evolution of the market.

The Aspire brand also offers Pods, boxes with a good value for money.

Vaporesso electronic cigarettes

Vaporesso was created in 2015 by the company Smoore founded in 2006. Thus it stands out as one of the oldest brands in the world of vaping. The parent company manages 5 research institutes and has around 100 researchers around the world. Smoktech is a large company that employs over 13,000 people.

Innovation is the very essence of this brand, with more than 1000 patents to its credit, this talented band is constantly innovating. Vaporesso relies on product quality. Among the brand’s best-sellers, we can mention the Swag NRG SE kit, the Luxe, Target, and also Pods. Vaporesso offers powerful and original boxes with remarkable qualities.

Innokin electronic cigarettes

Innokin is a brand also established in China with all its competitors. It offers innovative, high-quality products. The brand currently holds more than 500 patents. Innokin produces all its products itself in its factories in China.

Intended for beginners and the most experienced, it makes it a point of honour to take care of the aesthetics of its products. In 2017, Innokin made a partnership with famous reviewers and released Arès RTA and Tank Zénith. The products are a great success, an excellent communication move for the brand.

Among the most famous, you will find the Endura Kits (Endura T18, T20, T20S), the EZ WATT, the Jem Kit and the Proton Kit. The Innokin brand focuses its research on innovation, flavour, reliability and performance.

Justfog electronic cigarettes

Justfog is one of the only manufacturers originating from South Korea. Justfog particularly dominates the market for first-time buyers and vapers looking for small electronic cigarettes.

Justfog is known thanks to one of its flagship products, the Q16 Kit, which has now become a reference in the world of vaping. The mini fit pod, the maxi clearomizer and the 1453 atomizer also have a good number of followers.

Justfog stands out with its unique and neat design without compromising on performance.

Voopoo electronic cigarettes

Voopoo is a young Chinese brand that has imposed itself on the market until now held by the pioneers of the vape mentioned above. With its thirst for innovation, it has made it possible to stimulate great advances that benefit all vapers. Its know-how and experience have enabled it to develop Gene printed circuits which are available on all the brand’s models.

Discover the amazing performance and endless steam with high-quality finishes. Among the most famous models of the brand, we can cite the Drag X or the Drag S, a real compendium of technology. The Vinci and Vinci Air Pods were also very successful. They combine the practicality and simplicity of a pod with high functionality that its competitors had not succeeded in developing until now.

Voopoo has not finished demonstrating its full potential, it is the brand to follow.

And what brands do you like?

In the meantime, good vape to all!