I get an e-liquid in my mouth when I vape!

An electronic cigarette consists of several elements, assembled, which allow it to function and release steam. To have this vapour, you need e-liquid, which when your fingers are full of it or worse… in your mouth, can become very unpleasant. So the question that concerns us today is: why when I vape the liquid comes into my mouth and how to avoid it?

But why? 

When you use your e-cig, your resistance (coil) heats up. This being in contact with a piece of cotton which itself is soaked in your e-liquid creates steam.

However, when you are not using it, the cotton retains its absorption properties and continues to drink the liquid present in your tank. And since cotton is porous, your liquid may seep through and end up in the suction tube. At that point, gravity does its job and the liquid falls to the bottom of your resistance.

So when you pull on it again, the suction tube acts as a straw and draws the liquid up to your lips. This inconvenience is especially present in the anti-leak tanks with airflow (air intake) at the top.

As you will have understood, this phenomenon is likely to occur with all models of vapers, a little less with tanks with air intakes located at the bottom of the tank (but in this case, beware of leaks).

What to do?

Unfortunately not much except cleaning. In this case, we speak of embedded resistors.

Sponge the suction tube with household paper, for example, to remove excess liquid.

You can also turn on the switch on your e-cig and blow into it instead of inhaling. Do this 2 or 3 times in a row and your resistance will be disgorged.

You may also be dealing with a faulty resistor here. It happens, rarely but sometimes, that there is a manufacturing defect. In this case, a simple change of resistance will solve the problem.

There are also other parameters to consider.

Indeed, an e-liquid with a high proportion of PG will drown your coils more easily because it is very fluid. Similarly, changes in pressure (mountain, plane, etc.) or temperature (high summer heat) directly affect cotton’s retention capacity.

Although it’s a rather surprising and unpleasant effect at the time, a little wipe of the paper towel will fix the situation in no time. Also, don’t worry, a little liquid in the mouth is not dangerous.