The role of sucralose in vaping

To perfect his experience in the vape, the vaper has a multitude of possibilities represented by liquids with ever more surprising aromas. Contrary to what some people think, the composition of an e-liquid is far from a mystery. It first contains propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavours and nicotine. But among its components, we can also count sucralose. But what is this substance and what is its real role in the vape? We take stock of the issue.

What is sucralose?

Sucralose is nothing more than an artificial sweetener, that is, a product that imparts a mild or sweet flavour. It was discovered in 1976 when researchers from Queen Elizabeth College in London began a study on sugar in collaboration with a British food company. Scientists were looking for the relationship between the structure and taste of sugar. Three years later, they did not fail to patent it to offer it to the various agri-food companies in the country.

Finally, in 2004, it was officially authorized for sale by the European Commission. Now, the vast majority of countries in Europe use sucralose in their food. You can thus find it on the list of components of many yoghurts or cakes under the European code number E955 or under the names Canderel or Aqualoz.

The benefits of sucralose

Sucralose has several properties well appreciated by consumers. Its first advantage is its intensity. Indeed, it is able tocanood 600 to 650 times more than the sugar itself. By modifying the structure of sugar, the British scientists behind the appearance of sucralose in the composition of most of our foods have managed to amplify the sweet taste while making it calorie-free.

Because that is its second advantage. Sucralose is reputed to be non-caloric. This is why it is still very popular today with people who are starting a diet. To continue to feel this sweet sensation in the mouth while tasting their favourite dishes, they replace sugar with sucralose. The latter also has no impact on blood sugar or insulin secretions. People with diabetes, in any case, prefer sucralose to sugar to continue to experience this sweet taste in their daily lives.

Plus, this sugar substitute offers none of the bitter aftertaste that sugar can sometimes offer. Stronger and more intense, by immersing themselves in the flavours of sucralose, consumers discover new experiences in the mouth.

What is sucralose used for in the vape?

The food industry is not the only one to be interested in sucralose for its many properties. To bring more accentuated flavours to their e-liquids, manufacturers have started using sucralose. The sugar would tend to complicate the vaporization of the liquid. Sucralose, on the other hand, avoids any such problem while offering sweet and subtle liquids.

Whether sucralose is beneficial in terms of the intensity of the feeling of aromas known to be sweet, such as gourmet or fruity, a question remains. It is not harmful to human health when consumed through food, scientists are adamant. But what about its use in the vape? What effects does it have on the lungs?

The opinion of scientists about sucralose

Owen R. Fennema is the first scientist to give a mixed opinion on sucralose. This professor of nutritional sciences from the University of Wisconsin-Madison discovers that it would produce harmful molecules when it is heated at high temperatures. His conclusion is quite vague. But in 2017, a new study comes to oppose sucralose. Chemical researchers at the University of Campinas in Sao Paulo say it could release harmful substances like monochloropropanediol when heated above 120°C. Two years later, researchers in chemistry at the University of Portland confirm the previous statements by showing that there are indeed residues that are released when this palliative agent is heated. For these scientists,

But the opinion of scientists is not uniform. Apart from these three studies, no other contradicts the efficacy and harmlessness of sucralose. Its effects on the lungs, therefore, remain shrouded in mystery. Some researchers believe on the contrary that the e-liquid contained in an electronic cigarette is not heated enough for the sucralose to reveal any harmful substances.

Finally, is it dangerous for vapers?

Current studies on sucralose are not yet precise enough to form a definitive opinion. Any ban on this molecule is still rushed. We can, however, assure you that no vaper has suffered any health problems from using sucralose.

The future of this sugar substitute seems to be compromised, although some vapers such as diabetics prefer a sucralose liquid rather than another.