How to make an electronic cigarette coil?

Are you already a rebuildable pro and do you already know how to make an electronic cigarette resistance?

Let’s start at the beginning, what is a coil? Have you started in the vape and looking to save money? Or are you a do-it-yourselfer who loves to get into new things? So the field of rebuildable is reaching out to you! Indeed, if you decide to embark on reconstructable atomizers and manufacture your electronic cigarette resistance, the term coil will often come up! It is then quite simply a term designating the resistance that you will be able to manufacture and more precisely of the resistive part, which will come to heat.


Making your electronic cigarette resistances in general a coil assembly, whether it is a micro-coil vape, single coil, dual coils or even making a Clapton coil, can be difficult at first. With this coil tutorial for vapers that explains how to make their coils, we will make your job easier! First, we will see together what to buy to start manufacturing coils/resistors for electronic cigarettes, and the necessary tools and then you can follow step by step the assembly of a coil from A to Z . Do not panic, even if it is a simple micro-coil assembly, this will give you the basics for the manufacture of all your DIY coil resistors!

What do you need to buy to make an electronic cigarette coil?

When you buy a ready-made electronic cigarette coil, you don’t always ask yourself how it’s made. Well when you go to the manufacture of a DIY electronic cigarette coil, it allows you to better understand the rebuildable! A resistance, or a CE coil, is an armature adapted to each clearomiser, containing resistive wire or mesh which will heat up, surrounded by cotton or ceramic which will be soaked in the liquid to be vaporized. So you are going to need:

  • resistive wire 
  • cotton
  • tools adapted to the rebuildable for the installation of the coil or its manufacture

Which coil/mesh / resistive wire to choose to manufacture your electronic cigarette resistance?

If you are a beginner vaper or a beginner vaper in the rebuildable and you want to make your coil vape resistance for electronic cigarettes, we can only recommend that you start with the pre coils of vape! Indeed, it is the resistive part which is already formed and which you will only have to place on the plate of your rebuildable atomizer.

For the most do-it-yourselfers, make your coils with the purchase of resistive wire on a coil! Tools for rebuildables will be needed.

To go a little further in how to make an electronic cigarette resistor, let’s talk about the notion of resistivity: expressed for the wires in Ω/m ( ohm /meter). The resistivity characterizes the speed and the heating power of the wire. The lower this value, the faster and more intensively the wire heats up. The resistive wire heats up with the passage of current. It allows the vaporization of the e-liquid present in the wick-on contact.


Several resistive wires are depending on their materials: kanthal A1, Kanthal D, Nichrome, Inox.

Their shape can also vary: the majority are cylindrical, and the kanthal A1 Flat stands out.

Last variable of importance: the dimension, width or diameter, directly influences the resistivity and the ease of use.