The bottles with the capacity of e-liquid 120ml can be sold under the legendary names

We remember we were told that liquids for electronic cigarettes with yoghurt flavor are something special. Then we just said: “Come on, what you are talking about.” And it turns out that there is a producer who concentrated its efforts on creating e-liquid brands in the yogurt line.
We offer you to get acquainted with the basic e-liquid flavors of the advanced manufacturer, which deserved the greatest number of reviews of the vapers of the entire world.

Based on the user’s choice, the liquid can be distributed by e-juice wholesale suppliers in 15 ml, 30 ml and e-liquid 120ml bottles; the available content of e-liquid nicotine is 0.3.6 and 12 mg per ml. The ratio of propylene glycol to glycerin is 40 and 60, respectively. In terms of packaging, then there is nothing special. This is an ordinary glass bottle with a high dropper of the pipette shape, a sticker, while the design is constantly changing.

And now let us get to know more about the flavors of these e-juices.

Comb the Dessert

This is a unique aroma of butter with yoghurt base, which is added with crushed fresh hazelnuts. The yogurt aroma in this case is revealed much better, since its base is diluted with hazelnuts. Tartness at the output is a mixture of peanuts and hazelnuts, which really makes the liquid very tasty. It is best to vape in the morning drinking strong coffee.

The Downside

You probably heard about Greek yoghurt. Thus, The Downside is one of liquids for electronic cigarettes mixtured of flavors of blueberries as well as Greek youghurt. The emphasis is primarily the aroma, the yogurt flavor is less open, but the milky notes clearly emphasize its presence.

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