Are Electronic Cigarettes Dangerous?

Do you want to quit smoking in favour of vaping? Are you a non-smoker and want to try electronic cigarettes? Take note of this information. For health reasons, many people are abandoning traditional cigarettes in favour of electronic cigarettes. Especially people who want to quit smoking. It must be said that is less toxic than conventional cigarettes. If you have any doubts about the veracity of this claim, the following information will enlighten you further.

The electronic cigarette (also called vaporizer) is composed of several elements that have nothing to do with the components of the traditional cigarette. It includes the e-liquid and the device to heat it. When heated to 60°C, the e-liquid turns into vapour. Unlike the traditional cigarette, the vaper produces no smoke and the vapour inhaled by the vaper contains no combustion. The basic components of e-liquid are propylene glycol, glycerol, and flavours. E-liquid may also contain nicotine and alcohol. Manufacturers offer several ranges and different flavours of e-liquid. It is up to you to choose the aroma that promotes your smoking cessation and the one that allows you to take full advantage of the e-cigarette. Given the development of the electronic cigarette market, the purchase of this product requires a lot of precautions. You need to get it from a reliable dealer who provides only quality products.

Many smokers testify to the effectiveness of the vaper in their smoking cessation. The e-cigarette allowed them to gradually reduce their addiction to nicotine. It has also contributed to the improvement of their health and well-being. These former smokers have regained their breath, taste and smell. They were able to quit smoking without any frustration. Smokers have everything to gain by giving up tobacco in favour of e-cigarettes. This allows them to limit or even avoid the harmful effects of toxic and carcinogenic substances in tobacco. It is important to specify that ammonia, tar and carbon monoxide are among the main constituent elements of the smoke produced by traditional cigarettes. Vapers have the option of reducing or increasing the nicotine level in the e-liquid. This is a very good way to effectively manage the consumption of this substance. If you are in the process of quitting smoking, choose a nicotine level corresponding to the amount of tobacco you consume. Gradually lower this rate to eliminate your nicotine addiction.

The electronic cigarette was designed to help smokers quit smoking. In this context, it is not recommended for non-smokers. Indeed, if you are a non-smoker, you risk developing a form of behavioural addiction if you get into the habit of vaping. Currently, the data to confirm the safety of the e-cigarette are not yet sufficient. But it remains less dangerous than the classic cigarette. Vapers are less at risk of tobacco-related illnesses, such as cancer and inflammation of the airways. Recent studies have shown that the substances that make up e-liquid can have irritating and dehydrating effects on vapers. Nevertheless, these effects remain less significant compared to those of tobacco. Other than that, a faulty device can lead to overheating of the e-liquid turning the vapour into a toxic substance.