The e-cigarette is a solution, so let’s not talk about it anymore!

All the media delighted in this new report to create even more buzz and audience thanks to the e-cigarette. Harm reduction and smoking cessation rarely make the headlines, bans being far more sensational. Clearly: we have an effective solution, BUT, we must not advertise it, and we must restrict its use as much as possible. Vapers, hide! Let’s also have a moving thought for Molière’s breast, this invitation to pleasure that the bigot wanted to hide. The vape indeed makes it possible to quit smoking without suffering. Not good!

At the heart of the HCSP report

This astounding distortion invites you to read the report, to try to understand. Let’s keep it simple, the curious will read. The HCSP claims to find no “scientific proof” on any of the topics discussed. It’s quite incredible, one wonders how the English of the PHE managed to write more than 200 pages. The selection of studies made by the HCSP is perplexing, we only find the worst! As for the paragraph on nicotine, I, a vaper, thought I would die just reading…

All the recommendations seem to be based only on the hearings, or how to maintain the idea that we have no scientific perspective. The health professionals, who are in the field, have nevertheless (thank you!) managed to convince the experts on smoking cessation and risk reduction. And the anti-tobacconists have persuaded the same experts on the “gateway” effects for young people, and the need to ban advertising and ban vaping in public places.

The HCSP report, therefore, has no scientific value. So why?

Let’s stop talking about it!

The trap was set. The findings were predictable. This HCSP report is nothing but a political manoeuvre.

Vaping cannot be banned in France, it’s too late. But we must legislate to quickly put this grain of sand back into the tobacco system. The law to modernize our health system was tailor-made for this objective. Put the vape back in the hands of the tobacco industry.

Now vapers and harm reduction advocates shut up! Yes, we admit the benefits of the e-cigarette, but no, you can no longer continue to self-manage. The stakes are too high, and the management of financial balances must return to the hands of the State. And if necessary, the HCSP brings out the idea of ​​a medicalized electronic cigarette to put the pharmaceutical industry back in the game…

The State wants to manage alone, with its industrial accomplices, deaths and taxes. Recreate the amalgam. The free vape (which liberates) should no longer have the right to quote. It’s high time to whistle the end of recess! Vapers, we ask you to be quiet… Moreover, even when you speak, you are already ignored.

Alliance against nature…

The world of the vape is getting organized, and consolidating, and the associations of vapers and professionals will take the path of justice. The reason will inevitably win out. But what a waste of time… What avoidable deaths not avoided…

Politicians have no courage, finances before health, and no need to vape to find out. But what about these anti-tobacco? Of these reactionaries who fight today more against the vape than against tobacco? What results have they achieved with their coercive outlook on life? 32% of smokers in France… What lessons can they give? But what are they doing in our paws?

All the prohibition measures contained in the HCSP report were dictated by the anti-tobacco. Are they aware that they are playing into the hands of the tobacco industry? Are they aware that by slowing down the rise of the vape, by sending anxiety-provoking messages of prohibition, they frighten smokers, and they maintain smoking at its highest historical levels? Do they need tobacco to live? To exist?