My electronic cigarette tastes burnt

Many of you tell us about your vaping misadventures, and one of the most common cases is the unpleasant burnt taste that requires some urgent action. Explanations.


When you smell this particularly unpleasant taste, it means that the cotton in your resistance has just burned.

Indeed, when you press the “fire” button of your e-cig, your resistance (coil) heats up. This is in contact with a piece of cotton which itself is soaked in e-liquid to create steam.

However, if the cotton is not properly impregnated: it burns, and you taste the taste of burnt cotton. There are 4 possibilities of having insufficiently moistened cotton:

1) During the first use of resistance, you have not soaked it enough in liquid. It is very important to wet your cotton with 3-4 drops of your liquid. Otherwise, your cotton will be dry and will burn from the first puff. To be sure that your cotton does not burn, take your first puffs without pressing the “fire” button. No vapour will be produced but you should taste (even very slightly) the taste of your e-juice after 3-4 inhalations. This means that your cotton is quite full of juice.

2) You love to make a lot of steam for more flavour and pleasure… Be careful! Tune the power of your device according to the type of resistance used. If you use a Kangertech Toptank with 1.5-ohm resistors, and you set yourself to 50 watts when this type of resistor cannot support more than 25 watts max, you will burn your coil for sure. The min and max power supported is written in small on the resistors.

3) Your e-liquid is so good that you vape it again and again… Be sure to watch the level of liquid present in your tank because it only takes one puff taken empty to end up with this burnt taste.

4) You are the victim of a peak of stress, you are vaping non-stop, and again, then another… Be vigilant, understand that after 3 puffs, you have to give the cotton time to re-impregnate. If you take too many puffs in a row, your cotton will almost dry out and burn. Pause for 30 seconds every 3 puffs, as you did with your traditional cigarettes to avoid making holes in your clothes with the big red carrot, or take 3 puffs without pressing the “fire” button until you slightly feel the ” good taste.

!!! Attention !!! These tips and advice are all the more important when using e-liquids with a high proportion of VG.

What to do?

  • Stop vaping immediately!
  • Empty your tank because the bad taste can stay there.
  • Change your resistance immediately and don’t forget to impregnate it correctly, then start it with 3 puffs without pressing the switch.
  • Space your puffs a few seconds, the advantage of the e-cig is that it does not burn like a cigarette. So take your time…

As you will have understood, in all these cases it is the method of use that is in question. A resistor does not burn on its own, for no reason. The better you use your device, the fewer problems you will have…