Electronic cigarettes: everything you need to know

Unravel all the mysteries of the vape. Thanks to this little guide to vaping, you will soon become an expert vaper!

Here’s everything you need to know about e-cigarettes. How to use it, how to vape well, how to choose it… Leave no question unanswered.

Happy vaping!

The e-cigarette, what is it?

The e-cigarette, also called the electronic cigarette, is a device that produces hot vapour. Thanks to its ingenious internal system, you inhale a soft and aromatic cloud.

These are the e-liquids that allow you to flavour and personalize your vape. In other words, treat yourself like a king by tasting all your favourite flavours!

Concretely, it is simply a device that generates an aerosol made for you to inhale.

The electronic cigarette consists of battery-powered accumulators or directly integrated into your box or stick, and a clearomiser.

The latter, essential, has a resistance that produces steam, as well as a reservoir to contain your e-liquid. The drip tip is the final touch: the mouthpiece of your e-cig through which you inhale your delicious clouds.

5 reasons to choose the electronic cigarette

  1. It is cheaper than tobacco.

Do the math. An electronic cigarette requires less investment. Not expensive, you make it profitable in the long term.

You keep your kit longer and e-liquids are much cheaper than cigarette packs. By opting for an e-cigarette kit, you’re doing good for your wallet, that’s priceless.

  1. It is less harmful to your health.

The harmfulness of tobacco cigarettes is no longer to be proven. Carbon monoxide, tars, ammonia, cyanide… And so on! So many poisons disappear with the steam.

Although the electronic cigarette is not entirely free from defects, its vapour is 95% less harmful than that of tobacco cigarettes (according to a study by Public Health England).

  1. It gives you more pleasure.

It’s true, vaper’s word! Thanks to e-liquids, you choose the flavour and taste you prefer to accompany all your vaping sessions.

Can’t do without chocolate? Vape it without complexity! Do you love mint flavour? Enjoy it without limit thanks to the mint in liquids.

In addition, your entourage will be delighted to smell some delicious scents rather than the terrible and sticky smell of cold tobacco.

  1. It is a potential first step towards smoking cessation.

Attention! The electronic cigarette is not a medicine. However, it will certainly be an excellent ally to put all your chances on your side and finally quit smoking for good.

With your electronic cigarette in hand, you take the first step toward the mental process of quitting smoking. It is the best way to quit smoking. The nicotine present in the cigarette can be found in the e-cigarette.

If you want to reduce your nicotine intake, you can choose liquids with lower and lower doses. Thus, you gradually accustom your body to lower levels and an increasingly diminished need to smoke.

If you want to quit smoking, it is always advisable to consult a health professional. This approach is not trivial and requires the advice of experts.

  1. It’s better for the planet.

Experience it: look down on the pavement. Observe how many cigarette butts there are. Many have been there for so long that they are set in stone.

Despite the ban on throwing cigarette butts on the ground, they persist and spread their harmful substances into the environment.

With the electronic cigarette, things change. Indeed, you do not throw it away as soon as you have finished vaping (although at first this bad habit may persist… Beware of reflexes!).

More ecological, the electronic cigarette can be kept for a long time and is much less polluting than its harmful counterpart.

How to use your electronic cigarette?

How do electronic cigarettes work? You have just arrived in the world of vaping. Do not panic. An electronic cigarette is in itself very simple to use. No need to have a BAC +500 in electronic engineering.

All you need is to follow these few steps to vape correctly and, above all, to use your electronic cigarette properly.

1. Check the battery

Yes, you will need electricity to run your vape. The best thing when you have just acquired one is to charge it.

Use your USB cable, usually included with your kit, and fill up on power. Charge it to the maximum to enjoy your ecig for a long time!

2. Fill the tank of the clearomizer

Your clearomiser consists of resistance and a reservoir made of pyrex. Also called a tank, it is inside and via a specific opening that you pour the contents of your e-liquid bottle.

After filling up on energy, it’s the flavours’ turn to take centre stage (or rather in the vape).

3. Power up your ecig

The electronic cigarette consists of a “switch” button which, when you activate it, sends electrical power to your resistance. This heats and vaporizes the e-liquid present in the tank.

The vapour rises through the chimney, a small hole in the clearomiser, and reaches the drip tip through which you inhale it.

Precautions for use

To avoid damaging your vaping device, always vape with a full tank. If you activate your vape without any liquid moistening the cotton wick of your coil, you will burn it.

It will simply be unusable and your vape will be ruined. It would be a shame, right? So always take a look at your transparent pyrex tank, it’s made for that!

Also, pay attention to resistance. It must be correctly screwed and primed. Otherwise, your electronic cigarette will not work. It could even cause unpleasant leaks.

Fill your electronic cigarette

Filling up on flavours can be done in different ways. It all depends on the type of e-cigarette you have. Some, the majority, are filled via the top cap, from above. Others, on the other hand, need to be disassembled so that you can fill the tank.

Filling from above is generally much simpler and more comfortable. You only have to rotate the top cap to reveal a slot.

You then insert the tip of your e-liquid bottle inside to fill the tank with your delicious aromas. This method is leak-proof and easy to use.

A bottom fill is no more complicated but requires both of your hands. You must disassemble the clearomizer from your battery and unscrew the base to access the reservoir.

In any case, be careful not to pour e-liquid into the chimney of your clearomiser. This small hole is only intended for the passage of steam once it is created.

You would not want to swallow a few drops of pure ecig liquid… In any case, we strongly advise against it.

E-cigarettes: making the right choice

How to choose the right electronic cigarette? This is the question that torments all vapers. To be sure of making the right choice, it is best to seek advice from our experts. Contact them directly online or in-store.

To make the right choice of ecig, learn to analyze your habitual tobacco cigarette consumption. Also, ask yourself what your expectations are in terms of vapour output and flavour.

Many criteria must be taken into account: battery life, size of the device, maximum capacity of the tank or even choice of resistance.

Here are some essential criteria on which to rely to choose your electronic cigarette.

Direct Inhalation vs Indirect Inhalation

Direct inhalation, called DL vape, is a one-shot vapour to the lungs. In general, the airflow is wide open to allow air draft.

The amount of vapour sucked in is greater, with a hit in the throat that is sometimes very stunning. The flavours are softened.

Indirect inhalation, called vape MTL, is done in two stages: 1. the vapour spreads in the mouth 2. the vapour descends to the lungs.

The volume drawn in is thinner, similar to that produced by a conventional tobacco cigarette. On the other hand, the flavours explode under your palate. It’s a little bomb of aromas that will charm your taste buds.

Battery life

As you can imagine, the more you vape, the more you need a steam engine capable of lasting over time.

If your chain vape breaks faster than your shadow, prefer electronic cigarettes in box format. These have an integrated battery or accumulators, made to give you longer autonomy.

The higher the number of mAh, the amperage of your battery, the longer your autonomy will be.

The capacity of the pyrex tank

As with the battery, the more you vape, the more e-liquid capacity you need. The capacity of a tank is measured in millilitres. On this site, you have them of all sizes and shapes.

A vaper who has a small consumption (and who smoked for example less than ten cigarettes a day), can choose a Pyrex with a capacity of 2ml to 4-5ml. It will last all day with no problem.

On the other hand, the behemoths of the vape will need a tank large enough and large enough to contain their favourite elixir. Capacities that vary between 7ml and 9ml will be perfect.

The advantage of pyrex is that you can change them. Thus, you have the possibility of varying the capacities and adapting them without concern to your consumption according to its evolution.

5 questions to ask yourself to find the perfect electronic cigarette

  • What is your knowledge in terms of vaping?

Are the words atomizers, airflow or coil completely foreign to you? Go directly to a specialized store for tailor-made advice. In the absence of a store near you, contact us by live chat or email.

If, on the contrary, you change the clearomiser of your ecig with your eyes closed or the ohm table no longer has any secrets for you, the advice of our experts in-store will always be an added value to your vaping experience. Come see the latest hardware news in your nearest store and also on our website.

  • What type of vaping do you want to favour?

Rather like the huge mistral to make hurricanes pale or a discreet and flavorful draw? Up to you.

  • Are you looking for simplicity or personalization?

Depending on the e-cigarette kits, you can choose vapes that do not require special settings and are very intuitive to use.

But you can also succumb to an ultra customizable ecig to shape according to your preferences.

  • Do you need a lot of autonomy?

A little advice: refer to your usual cigarette consumption. The more you smoke during the day, the more you will need a large consumption of e-cigarettes.

  • What is your budget?

Electronic cigarettes are accessible at all prices. You have something for all tastes and all wallets. Choose your vape based on your budget and the features you want.

Practical advice: Take care of your electronic cigarette

There are no secrets. The more you take care of your electronic cigarette, the better it makes you feel good and the longer you can use it.

Whether it’s the contact of your lips with the drip tip, the untimely heating that clogs your vape device or even dust, your vape needs you to refurbish it regularly.

Nothing could be simpler: just clean it!

Some parts of your e-cig are detachable, which makes it easier for you to wash them. This is particularly the case for pyrex or drip tips. Often, soapy water is enough to get rid of any burnt propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin residues or dust.

More hygienic, clean vape accessories ensure the good quality of your vaping.

Change the resistance

Remember to change the resistance of your clearomiser every two to three weeks on average. The levels of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin present in the composition of your e-liquids tend to clog it very easily from being heated.

You feel an unpleasant change in your vape that alerts you to the status of your atomizer.

To refurbish your electronic cigarette, simply replace the resistance.

Clean the battery

Using a microfiber cloth, wipe the battery of your e-cigarette. This chases away small dust particles and prevents residue from getting inside. Extend its life with this simple gesture!

Protect your vaping gear

Yes, it is not enough to clean your electronic cigarette. For even more efficiency in prolonging the life of your vape, be sure to protect it well from daily shocks and other clumsy blows.

An accident happens so quickly that sometimes you don’t have time to say “oh no! that your e-cig is already broken.

Ideally, opt for silicone protections to protect the pyrex glass of your clearomiser as well as the drip tip.

You can even choose a cover for your battery to prevent it from getting damaged. It is thus protected from scratches and cracks, what more could you ask for? The pleasure of vaping is even better that way.