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iTaste MVP introduction

iTaste MVP introduction

Although the iTaste MVP is an allowedly boxy e-cigarette, Innokin has produced it in a tasteful way. The metal body is smooth and feels nice when hold in the hand, and the power button doubles as the activation button for your cartomizer or tank.

As the battery charge depletes, the button’s light modifies color from green to orange, and eventually to red. Using the buttons and display on the side of the iTaste MVP, you can raise and lower voltage, check the resistance of the attached cartomizer and see what voltage the iTaste MVP advises for best performance with the connected attachment.

Actually, the iTaste MVP is at its best when you don’t try to push it too hard. At a power level of approximately four volts and with a low-resistance or dual-coil cartomizer attached, you can expect all-day battery life and nearly the same vapor generation from a full battery charge to near the end of the battery’s life. You can also expect far superior performance from your previous e-cigarette if you’re switching from a cig-a-like or eGo.

The story differs a little bit if you operate the iTaste MVP at the full five volts; the iTaste MVP generates a little less vapor than the ProVari at the same power setting, and we also find that the decrease in power level is more evident as the battery is worked out. Keeping in mind that there is a considerable price difference between the two devices, that is why the difference in performance is to be still expected.