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Envy Ego-Tank

Envy Ego-Tank

There’s an old proverb among e-smokers: the less an e-cigarette is like a real cigarette, they say, the better it works. One can say that’s making things more concrete, but you can’t ignore the fact that a larger e-cigarette holds more liquid, provides you with a better battery life and often produces more vapor per puff than a smaller version.

A lot of people begin smoking with smaller e-cigarettes like the Envy Nirvana — which is an excellent idea — but if you like e-smoking, you may soon find yourself surprising how you can proceed to get better performance. If you’re like your relative or close friends, you step up to the Envy Ego-Tank. You will do that because you appreciate their opinions. They have definitely tried a number of different eGo e-cigarettes in their time and believe that none of them can beat the Envy Ego-Tank for sheer value.

The Envy Ego-Tank is offered in two different kits, with the less expensive one including one short 650 mAh battery, one tank atomizer, USB and wall chargers and ten pre-filled tanks. The more expensive kit adds an extra 1000 mAh battery and an additional tank atomizer, plus both kits include a nice protective carrying case.

You can opt for Envy’s Tobacco and Menthol flavors for your pre-filled cartridges, and because each cartridge holds a little over 1 ml of liquid, you can expect your basic supply of liquid to last two weeks or more. That’s an important characteristic if you’re a new e-smoker because it ensures that you’ll have enough time to make conclusion if e-smoking is for you before you’ll have to buy refills.