When someone is intended to write a review about a certain product, he/she will certainly study everything concerning this very product and of course test it in order to give reliable information.

For instance, not long ago, a reader sent an email saying that, with all of the e-cigarette reviews ever written and all of the hardware available, it must be, nevertheless, difficult to choose a best e-cigarette.

The reader always wants to know what personal vape setup of a reviewer is. One would tell — it’s a ProVari. It is a ProVari Mini, if to be precise. Of course, there is the original ProVari as a backup, just in case.

Reviewers are actually in a pretty fortunate position; as journalists who have dedicated their life to the e-cigarette industry for some time, they occasionally receive e-cigarettes they don’t have to pay for, which allows them to know about the latest discoveries in the field. That was the case with the ProVari. If someone had to spend a big sum needed to buy the kit, he would not have done it.

The ProVari is an expensive e-cigarette and it’s hard to understand what makes it worth the money when an e-cigarette such as the Lavatube has the same features and costs half as much. However, the features aren’t everything, as it turns out; the ProVari is certainly the best e-cigarette in the market. However, one should identify whether it is twice as good as the Lavatube. Make this decision!