V2 Pro Series 3: The details

V2 Pro Series 3: The details

V2 cigs have long enjoyed the honor of being presented on top of the best e-cigarettes in e-smoking industry. Price-performance ratio best in the sphere to date.

First vaporizer created from the ground up for e-liquid, loose leaf and essential oils. Magnetic innovative components are both smart and convenient. And what is especially important- it is a completely leak-free cartridge design.

The usage of this product is not a simple choice, it is the need to upgrade to something larger and more effective. Some wanted an upgrade to get increased vapor generation and higher wattage for thick vapors whereas others wanted a higher battery life and bigger storage capacities of the e-liquid tanks.

V2 Cigs has this product to satisfy such a customer base which demands an absolute changing of e-smoking method. Although additional accessories may be still needed (like a wall adapter), the battery is quick to charge (less than 2 hours with the USB cable) and overall it’s a very easy pen to use.

Having read these positive aspects, some people are saying that “they will purchase this item for the rest of their lives”. But do not rush too much. First of all, try it, realize that it is what you need and only afterwards make such a conclusion. It will not be easy as V2 are following up with a variable voltage versions. So keep an eye on the new developments!