Electronic cigarettes are increasingly in demand in the market. But before using it, you should know that this type of accessory is made up of several elements. Thus, it is recommended that you inform yourself about each item before purchasing it. The objective of this guide is to help you better understand the essential points of each part of your e-cigar.


An electronic cigarette is nothing without a robust battery. This accessory is mainly used to produce the energy that the atomizer needs and which in turn will heat the resistance. Note that battery voltage may vary from model to model.

Generally, the current market leaves you the choice between an e-cigar with an integrated battery or accompanied by external batteries. In addition, the most efficient batteries are designed with lithium-ion. You can be sure that this accessory can offer you perfect autonomy. Note that you have the option of choosing the type of charging that suits you, such as a USB cable or a conventional charger. It depends on the model you choose.


The coil generally works by heating and turning e-liquid into vapour. This is done effectively once you effectively link it with the battery. Before buying it, take the time to choose between the following types of resistors:

  •         The “classic resistance” which offers more vapour while operating by indirect inhalation.
  •         The “sub-ohm resistance” which offers the opportunity to experience a better flavour with each vaping.

Regardless of the type of resistance you choose, know that this part of an electronic cigarette is easy to replace. A priori, the location of the element depends on the model of the e-cigar you choose. Thus, resistance at the top of the clearomiser offers a better “hit” while guaranteeing very hot vapour. Placed at the bottom of the clearomiser, the resistance provides a better “hit” with each vaping. You will have more benefits with the electronic cigarette if you replace the coil every time you expend 50ml of e-liquid.

The charger

The choice of charger should not be taken lightly to ensure the proper functioning of the equipment. This will make it easier for you to load the equipment each time you use it. Be aware that the current market gives you the choice between several types of chargers depending on your needs. You could decide between the following:

  •         A wall charger that will make it easier for you to recharge the cigarette each time you use it.
  •         A USB cable can also help you recharge the equipment’s battery using a medium of your choice. Uploading can be done on a computer if desired.
  •         A cigarette lighter allows the battery to be recharged inside a car. In this way, you could travel quietly while vaping whenever you want.

The clearomizer

The clearomizer serves as an atomizer for an electronic cigarette. It mainly contains the resistance as well as the tank of the equipment. This element then contains the e-liquid that you intend to vape. Remember that the clearomizer is used to control the level of the liquid inside the cigarette while heating the equipment well. The accessory generally contains a resistive wire that can be made with very solid material. The clearomiser surrounds the wick which can be seen in the form of a fibre. The latter can be made with different materials such as cotton or silica as well as a fine sieve.

Note that the wick in question allows the liquid to be transported to the level of the resistance to be vaporized. You should know that the combination of the cartridge with the atomizer forms the “cartomizer”. On the other hand, the lifespan of a clearomizer can vary from one model to another. You will also need to take into account the type of liquid you plan to use. Note that you can add optional elements to the accessory such as the airflow regulation system. You could also get a rebuildable atomizer if you want.

The reservoir

The tank usually holds the liquid you want to vape. This element can come in several materials such as metal or glass, but also plastic. The reservoir can also be offered as a “pre-filled” cartridge or as a bottom or top-fill element. In all cases, the reservoir is cylindrical.

Note that this element has two openings, one of which serves as an air inlet while the other lets the steam out. Take note that the output of the equipment may have a mouthpiece which can be changed depending on the situation. 


E-liquids are numerous on the current market. This product consists of several elements that will give you a wide choice of what you will need. So, you should consider PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin) first. These elements are essential to enjoy a better feeling with each vaping. Then come to the aromas which will give you a wide choice. The last component of the liquid is nicotine, the amount of which depends on your smoking habit. In any case, you should know that e-liquid can be offered in different bottle sizes.

The batteries

The batteries are essential if you opt for an electronic cigarette offered in the form of a “box”. This accessory has an indisputable role in this type of cigarette. It is for this reason that you must take the time to choose the right batteries for the equipment. These elements are placed directly inside the cigarette to ensure its proper functioning. It is important that you can enjoy a good experience every time you vape with the product. In general, the batteries ensure the balance between the power and the autonomy of your electronic cigarette. Thus, you will enjoy more pleasure with each use of the equipment.