Vaping Vamps vs. Vapor Couture

Vaping Vamps vs. Vapor Couture

That isn’t the only difference you’ll find when comparing Vaping Vamps vs. Vapor Couture; the Vaping Vamps battery is also shorter, wider and compatible with a larger number of third-party cartridges.

Vaping Vamps is a 510 e-cigarette using one of the most wide-spread types of refill cartridges. Vapor Couture uses its own cartridge and you’re unlikely to find compatible refills offered by another merchant.

Vapor Couture is also part of a much larger e-cigarette company — V2 Cigs — while Vaping Vamps is not. Additionally, Vaping Vamps reports to donate five percent of its profits to charities that provide assistance to women in need.

The Vaping Vamps Deluxe Starter Kit is an example of the kit, worth purchasing. It costs reasonably. It includes two rechargeable 510 batteries, USB and wall chargers and five cartomizers. If you’re a woman searching to start vaping, choosing between the different female-friendly options might be challenging. Vapor Couture is a known name in the world of e-smoking.

As a subsidiary of V2 Cigs, which is arguably the major manufacturer, Vaping Vamps is a relatively new company totally dedicated to launching women’s e-cigs. Although most e-cigarettes aren’t gender-oriented, if you’re looking for something fancy, stylish and feminine that also satisfies to your craving for nicotine to the full, you’ll probably be faced by two brands.

One of the things both brands offer is the fashionable nature of their e-cigarette. Vapor Couture has the advantage with four special battery designs and matching cartomizers, but it isn’t all. Some of the designs, such as their Signature White, are spoiled somewhat because the design on the cartomizer looks old and worn in comparison to the battery.

Vaping Vamps simplifies everything with a completely black e-cigarette sporting their pink, smoky double-V logo. One of the basic differences between two, however, is that Vaping Vamps uses the standard, pen-like thickness for their e-cigs, whereas Vapor Couture limits things to a slim, fancy e-cig. They also have carry case looking identical as a purse which is very convenient for keeping your e-cig with you.