Starfire Cigs introduction


Starfire Cigs is a new e-cigarette company that seems to be ready to cause a furor in the nearest future. In a sphere filled with products that quickly begin to look identical to an observer such as inveterate smokers.

Starfire Cigs has managed to emphasize its importance in a few ways that are very customer-oriented and should attract to people experimenting with e-cigarettes for the first time. Starfire Cigs’ prices are also extremely competitive and are right in the category to be worth spending every penny. So, you could ask yourself whether this is a good company to go with if you’re buying your first e-cigarette.

Some e-cigarette companies tend to offer an appealing variety of different starter kits working hard to please as many people as possible. One of the disadvantages of this is confusion. When encountered too many choices, some potential customers may buy nothing at all and simply look for an e-cigarette company with a less confusing product range of items. It is advisable to sell only one e-cigarette kit if you’re unable to make it easy for different types of customers to decide which kit is ideal for them.

Starfire Cigs has stuck exactly to that method, offering just one e-cigarette kit in two different colors: white and black. The Starfire Cigs kit consists of two batteries, a portable battery charging case, USB and wall chargers and one pack of five refill cartridges. Additional refill cartridges cost not much per five-pack and ship gratis if you decide to have refill cartridges delivered each month automatically.