If you have read our guide on the difference between a mod and a box , you now know that a mod is a basic electronic cigarette to which some modifications, sometimes substantial, have been made. In the world of mods, there are two main families: those mechanical mods and electro mods. Let’s see together the major differences that distinguish them.


Electro mods are modified electronic cigarettes. That is to say that in the basic version of the electronic cigarette (think Cigalike and similar), manufacturers have made changes that provide more features such as power variation or innovative modes such as temperature control. In all cases, these boxes remain electronic, that is to say, that their operation remains entirely subject to the control of an electronic chip and a battery. The advantages to this are numerous: uniform battery management, from the first to the last puff; the smooth and constant character of the quality of the vape; variations in power, recognition of the resistance present in the atomizer or clearomizer… All these qualities above all greatly increase the safety of use. Electro mods have several safeguards against short circuits, self-fires or detection of resistance that is too low, for example.


Conversely, mechanical mods are not managed by a chip. These purely mechanical mods are devoid of electronic components, only the battery remains. Their power, therefore, depends solely on the battery that you have inserted in your mechanical mod. Your meca mod will thus deliver its full capacity when its battery is fully charged and conversely, the intensity of your vape will decrease as the autonomy of your battery decreases. If these mecha mods are very popular with fans of authentic objects, they do not include security. We therefore reserve their use for experienced vapers, who have a very good knowledge of ohm’s law and who can adapt the resistance accordingly. Often produced in a traditional way and in smaller quantities, the choice of batteries! Good vape.


Vapers who want to be able to vape with peace of mind will turn to electronic mods. Mainly offered in the form of a box, these e-cigarettes can offer constant power and accommodate most clearomizers and atomizers with sub-ohm resistance! Requiring the installation of a battery or equipped with an integrated battery, electro mods shine by their ease of use and their versatility: a safe bet for obtaining a quality vape. Demanding vapers who have a solid experience in the field of vaping will be able to be charmed by the mechanical mods that combine performance and design. Reserved for experts, meca mods provide phenomenal power as soon as the resistance put in place displays a low value.