An electronic cigarette? What is that?

We hear the name “electronic cigarette” every day, we see it everywhere… But we don’t know what it is, or how it works. We wonder what is it for and how to get one. Even after years of existence, many people still have a lot of questions about this new electronic inhalation system.

The electronic cigarette is an electronic device functioning as an aerosol generator that expels vapour. It has an appearance that is very close to a real tobacco cigarette but it is made of stainless metal, not paper. And let everyone know once and for all: there is not the slightest twig of tobacco leaf in the small cylindrical tube that constitutes the main body of the electronic cigarette. The terms “e-cigarettes” or “electronic inhalers” are also used to refer to the revolutionary device.

The electronic cigarette works thanks to a powered battery. It is the battery which is responsible for heating a resistance which is in the “filter” part and which allows the vaporization of the substance called “e-liquid” in the cartridge. The combustion of the real tobacco cigarette is replaced by a diode which is located at the other end of the device. And as already mentioned before, the steam that escapes from the mouthpiece perfectly simulates the smoke of an ordinary cigarette. The e-liquid never contains tobacco, on the other hand, it can contain nicotine, but at a very precise dose for each model. In this way, the user does not risk making a mistake.

Indeed, electronic cigarette is used by people who have decided to put an end to the dangers of tobacco. They can directly choose the cartridges without nicotine, or in case of difficulty, because of strong nicotine dependence, repentant smokers can choose the cartridges with nicotine and gradually lower the dose they take. The electronic cigarette is a good alternative to the tobacco cigarette. It is not a drug but it helps a lot in quitting smoking.

Coffee, vanilla or chocolate flavours… With the electronic cigarette, you will find much more pleasure than with the ordinary tobacco cigarette which kills you little by little.