Juul starter kit United Kingdom version for both vapers and smokers

Juul starter kit United KingdomJuul starter kit United Kingdom version is a great device for both vapers and smokers.
Juul starter kit United Kingdom version is an easy-to-use and trendy device that is targeted toward both smokers and vapers. The company JUUL Labs presents us one of the most popular electronic vape tools on the market with replaceable cartridges named JUUL.
In the UK, our company promotes the latest version of JuuL starter kit United Kingdom version.

JUUL setting:
Special Pods are designed to be easily installed by any user. The JuuL Starter Kit is the first of its kind and can be charged simply by magnetically connecting the device to a USB charger plugged into a desktop or laptop computer. After charging, your juul is ready to go.Pros: no buttons to click, no power on, no settings to change; just inhale Juul when you want to hover.
Charge Indicator: To find out how much charge is left in the JUUL starter set, simply tap it twice to display the charge level. Green means high, yellow is medium, and red is low. Your indicator will also glow when you vape..
JUUL starter kit comes with JUULpod refills that contain 5% nicotine (50 mg nicotine). Each JUULpod contains 0.7 ml of pre-filled e-liquid. One under designed for 200 puffs. With the options JUULpod from Virginia Tobacco to Crème Brûlée you will find yourself with a taste that you will definitely like.

Juul Features: JUUL V3 starter kit has size: length (battery): 8.72 cmlength (battery + unit): 9.48 cm
Width: 1.51 cm. It takes only one hour to fully charge by simply inserting it into a USB magnetic charger, which is included in the starter kit. The level of nicotine in Juulpods from Juul contains 5% of salt nicotine. Liquids on salt nicotine for Juul, give you a mild taste with reduced rigidity, provides complete satisfaction with a perfect throathit! JUUL’s innovative nicotine delivery method came from the geniuses of vaping at JuLabs, who popularized the use of nicotine salts in the vape industry. JUUL’s salt nicotine formula gives you quick and intense exposure to nicotine without the unpleasant sensations that can sometimes appear when vaping ordinary liquids.