buy heets online

buy heets onlineSo, you have selected the right products and are going to buy heets online on one trustworthy online store. Now you need to pay for them. Following the principle of “as little data as possible”, do not give the store any information on your personal account or credit card.

There are alternative payment methods to be used when you buy heets online.

You had better use alternative payment methods, for example, Amazon Pay, PayPal or paydirekt. PayPal and Amazon Pay even have the advantage of not having to create an account with the seller. However, be careful: the seller receives your address data from Amazon or PayPal. Some service providers, on this basis, create a so-called shadow user profile for the clients who buy heets online.

If you need to use your credit card, primarily on foreign online stores, activate the SecureCode protection mechanism for Mastercard and Verified by Visa for Visa. In the future, to make a payment by card, the issuing bank asks for permission, for example, a code that usually comes to the phone. Security features are activated on the bank’s website.

As we have already told, some providers give an opportunity to use a “shadow” profile.

You have the right to receive information about what your data is stored with service providers. You can find out, for example, if online stores have not been created, despite using alternative payment methods, profiles with your data. On small online stores, information must be requested through the contact details in the appropriate section of the website.

But we should say that such precautions are relevant when dealing with such online stores that are difficult to trust. Unfortunately, there are still such webshops on the market and even long-time established shops have to enable a self-check for that reason. Our webshop is established, but we understand that our clients have fears of potential risks and advise them how to check ourselves. Once they work with us, they will forget these fears and will not trust any other shop.