Juul alternative refillable

Vaping in the view of many is a mechanical mod with a drip box or a box mod with a tank, with the help of which you can get huge clouds of tasty and thick vapor. But after the appearance of liquids based on salt nicotine, manufacturers turned their attention to POD systems or closed-type systems that do not give a lot of vapor, allow to reveal taste (depending on the model) quite nicely and at the same time have very compact dimensions.

We will now tell you about the Juul alternative refillable Vaporesso pod system.

Vaporesso has repeatedly presented its POD systems to vapers, but this does not mean that it has stopped in this direction. Therefore, the emergence of a new Juul alternative refillable Vaporesso pod system is quite logical and expected. It is immediately worth noting that this POD will be a real find for those who want to get both a compact, stand-alone, refillable and practical device.

The Juul alternative refillable Vaporesso pod system is a compact POD system made in a slightly non-standard form factor, equipped with a powerful battery and working on replaceable cartridges of various resistance. The company’s designers decided to use a rather non-standard form factor, but this did not affect the overall impression of the device – it has excellent ergonomics and practicality. A powerful battery in combination with replaceable high-resistance cartridges will allow the vaper to get significant autonomy. Refillable pods are designed for the liquids based on organic and saline nicotine, and they have a rather interesting blowing system. You can buy Juul alternative refillable Vaporesso pod systems in six colors – black, silver, gold, blue, rainbow and splashed (spotted).

It is impossible to say that the manufacturer has equipped this POD system in a special way, since everything is fairly standard and familiar. Therefore, in the Juul alternative refillable Vaporesso pod system, you can find:

PodStick Battery Pack;
Cartridge CCELL3ohm (pre-installed);
Cartridge MESHED6ohm;
A bottle with a thin nose for the convenience of refilling the cartridge;
USB cable for charging;
Warranty Card;
User’s manual.