iQos tobacco

What is an IQOS tobacco cigarette?

Well, IQOS (abbreviation for I Quit Ordinary Smoking) is an electronic cigarette invented by the great tobacco company Philip Morris. This electronic cigarette is different from others in that it uses tobacco, but instead of burning it, producing a number of toxic substances, such as tar, IQOS heats it, emitting vapors, which, in addition to being much less dangerous, do not leave smell in hands or clothes.

Tobacco, which is used to consume IQOS tobacco cigarettes, is sold in some boxes in which we find cigarettes patented by the tobacco company. They are called HEET and are introduced into the device to heat them without combustion and, therefore, do not produce ash, but emit aromas and nicotine.

IQOS can be purchased very profitably online. To find out in which tobacco shops in your city you can buy it, you just need to add your zip code to this link, and all the places where you can get it will appear.

What is the non-combustion IQOS tobacco?

For those who have not heard of IQOS, it’s enough to explain that this is an electric resistance cartridge that generates heat and which roll tobacco is used for – instead of minced tobacco — that heats at this temperature but does not burn: hence the name “tobacco without combustion” “. When heated, tobacco releases various classic substances from a cigarette, in particular nicotine, which is absorbed by the smoker, but theoretically – as Philip Morris sells it – avoids other highly carcinogenic substances that occur during combustion.

Philip Morris says IQOS implies a significantly higher health benefit than a traditional cigarette, without burning tobacco, but without detracting from the smoking experience; therefore, he presents it as an alternative to the evolution of smokers to a healthier product that does not cause synthetic sensations of vaping, which is based on liquid with nicotine.

IQOS brings a real tobacco aroma, taste and aftertaste sensations.

Everything is the same but the IQOS is just healthier.

At the same time, it is more comfortable for tobacco admirers than vape liquids.