Electronic cigarette: why is my resistance wearing out?

The resistance of an e-cigarette is a very important part, which must be chosen according to the power of your equipment because it is the resistance which guarantees a good vape.

The resistance wears out more or less quickly depending on the use you make of it and the maintenance you give it.

  • With a very oily e-liquid (>60 VG), it is necessary to change the resistance more often because it clogs up more quickly. Sometimes, it is possible to observe the overheating in the colour of the e-liquid: it becomes darker towards the bottom.
  • The battery power also plays an important role in the life of the coil. Indeed, the higher the power, the more the resistance will heat up and the more steam and hit in the mouth there will be. The value of the resistance must correspond to the voltage of the battery used to obtain the best vaping.
  • Your way of vaping is also one of the criteria that most influences the life of the coil. For example, a heavy vaper will have to change the resistance every week while an occasional vaper can keep it for at least two months, depending on the model of the electronic cigarette and the pg/VG rate of the e-liquid.

Electronic cigarette: when to change the resistance?

However, it is possible to preserve the resistance of your vaper for longer thanks to small tips that we detail in a dedicated article.

On the other hand, the fact of cleaning its resistance at each change of tank will avoid the accumulation of substrate of consumed liquid. Conversely, it is useless to change the tank if it is only the resistance that needs to be changed.

 As you will have understood, the resistance is very fragile!

It is estimated that the resistance should be changed after about ten fillings. In reality, everything depends on the way you vape and the maintenance given to your e-cigarette. In addition, the resistances are different depending on the electronic cigarette used: single, double, cotton, etc.

You’ll know it’s time to change your e-cig coil if any of the following symptoms appear:

  • A drop in steam production.
  • The taste of the flavours is less good.
  • A little burnt taste when you inhale. If it is temporary, it may be because the top of the wick is not soaked enough.
  • Liquid rising or leaking.
  • The appearance of the dry hit, ie you no longer feel the same sensation as usual when inhaling the steam.
  • It is advisable to change the resistance when you change the flavour to prevent it from clogging.

Finally, we recommend that you have a stock of resistances so that you are not taken aback. The resistance must be compatible with your model of ecig, otherwise, you will not be able to screw it on the tank.