DIY tutorial: how to make your own e-liquid, what are the advantages?

DIY has gradually become a must in the world of vaping . As well as today, it is found at all sellers of e-liquid products (shops and websites). The DIY offers beginner vapers, as well as the most experienced, the possibility of creating their e-liquid by applying a simple recipe which consists of mixing several ingredients ( base + nicotine booster  + additives + aromas ) to obtain an e-liquid. liquid unique. Thus, given the vast choice of ingredients at your disposal, the customization possibilities are almost endless. It is by testing different combinations that you will be able to obtain a vape liquid that perfectly matches your expectations in terms of flavours and sensations!

How to make your DIY e-liquid?


Rest assured, designing a DIY e-liquid is relatively simple and does not require any special skills. All you have to do is follow the few preparation steps that we put at your disposal if you want your first try to be a success.

Before you start making your mixes, you will need to equip yourself with some essential accessories. When you manufacture an e-liquid, you must not forget that you are handling chemical substances and that it is, therefore, important to take all the necessary precautions to reduce the risks as much as possible. Thus, protective glasses and latex gloves are required. In addition, to be able to store your products and make your mixtures with ease, you must obtain bottles of different sizes according to your needs. You can thus equip yourself with more or less large bottles to store your e-liquid ., depending on the quantity you want to produce. It is also advisable to equip yourself with the ingredients necessary for the design of your e-liquid; namely, the neutral base, the nicotine, the flavourings and the additives. 

In order to carry out your dosages in the best conditions, filling syringes and/or transfer pipettes are recommended. It is also possible to obtain graduated bottles; convenient for taking your measurements simply and without additional handling. If you also want to be able to easily transport your DIY e-liquid daily, you have the possibility of equipping yourself with small specially dedicated bottles. These generally have a dropper system that allows you to easily fill the tank of your clearomizer or atomizer for maximum convenience. Finally, you can equip yourself with labels to stick on your bottles to find your way around more easily, noting the composition and possibly their date of creation.

Step 1: prepare the neutral base

First, pour the neutral base , chosen beforehand according to its level of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin , into your preparation bottle. Depending on the PG/VG ratio you choose, you will get a more or less different vaping experience. Indeed, a higher rate of PG will give you a powerful hit and a much better-reproduced flavour. On the contrary, a predominantly VG rate will give you a denser vapour. If you want a balanced experience, opt for a 50/50 rate. 

Optionally add a nicotine booster, if you want to obtain a nicotine e-liquid. Follow the directions on the product to get exactly the rate you want.

Step 2: add the flavourings to your preparation

Once your neutral base with or without nicotine is ready, you must add flavourings to give it the taste you want to find. You can mix several flavours for original results. However, you will have to find the perfect balance to reveal the potential of each aroma! Depending on the different existing flavors ( tobacco , drinks , fruity , gourmet , mint , etc.), refer to the dose recommended by the manufacturer on each e-liquid label in order to correctly dose your preparation in aromas.

Step 3: add additives

This step is not mandatory but allows you to enhance your flavour combinations by giving them a fresh, creamy or fruity note according to your preferences! These additives are powerful and should not be abused if you want to obtain a mixture that can be enjoyed.  

Step 4: let steeper and enjoy!

The last stage of the preparation consists of waiting for the aromas to blend harmoniously into the preparation; we are talking about steeping. During this maceration phase, which can last from 2 to 6 days or more depending on the flavors you have combined, you must put the bottle containing the preparation away from light and mix it regularly. You can then taste your  homemade e-liquid by filling the tank of your electronic cigarette !

The benefits of DIY

The DIY allows you to obtain a personalized e-liquid from A to Z, which would be impossible to obtain elsewhere. You can indeed choose your aromas, and your PG/VG level and regulate your nicotine level as you see fit. Moreover, the fact that you can choose all your ingredients, allows you to have control over the quality of your final product; which is a definite advantage over some e-liquids found on the market and whose exact composition is not always specified.

The disadvantages of DIY

The main disadvantage that we could blame for DIY is that it takes time and some practice to produce a quality e-liquid, which you can be proud of. Indeed, the expected result is not always there on arrival; lack of precision, experience and equipment.

Moreover, when you add the cost of the accessories that you absolutely must obtain and possibly of various ancillary materials to improve quality, this can quickly increase the bill.