Which electronic cigarette to choose for a heavy smoker?

When heavy smoker starts vaping, their needs are different from those of average and occasional smokers.

In order to choose the right electronic cigarette for heavy smokers , it is important to take into account the specificities inherent in their tobacco consumption . A bad choice of material can indeed cause disappointment, and even call into question the cessation of smoking! To avoid this, read the rest of our article.

What is a heavy smoker?

A person is considered a heavy smoker from 20 cigarettes a day. For this smoker profile, it can be particularly difficult to quit traditional cigarettes.

However, every day, heavy smokers quit using – or not – nicotine substitutes. Among these different means, the electronic cigarette stands out because it allows a smooth transition , in particular by preserving the pleasure of the gesture and the sensations.

In addition, the transition to the electronic cigarette often takes place without pain and with satisfaction as reported by several of our testimonials from vapers .

The right electronic cigarette for heavy smokers

Often, heavy smokers feel more the urge to “pull” strongly on their e-cigarette. This natural reflex requires a suitable device. A reference to an e-cigarette equipped with an adjustable airflow will help you to modulate the draw according to your desire.

Some former smokers indeed like a “tight” vape with a low airflow. Conversely, a wider draw generates a more airy impression as well as a greater volume of vapor.

To deal with a high frequency of use, it is wise to opt for an electronic cigarette with a long battery life . You can go for an e cigarette with an integrated battery . The latter must be greater than 2000 mAh and if possible rechargeable on the mains or via micro-USB. But there are also e cigarettes that work with 1 or 2 batteries , knowing that each battery delivers an average power of 2500 to 3000 mAh.

Likewise, choose a model with a tank of at least 4ml , sufficient to satisfy your needs for an entire day without the need to constantly fill your tank with e liquid.

Find the right e-liquid

Most electronic cigarette liquids are available with a nicotine level of 3, 6, 11 and 16 mg/ml. For a heavy smoker, it is advisable to start with a dosage of 16 mg/m l. You can then gradually reduce the nicotine level.

To rediscover the sensations of before, you can also choose e liquids with nicotine salt . These offer a high concentration of nicotine while avoiding the negative effects of Dry hit . However, beware of nicotine overdose! These e-liquids must be vaped with electronic cigarettes that use low power coils greater than 1 ohm .

Finally, by making their own DIY e-liquid, vapers can choose their own proportion of nicotine.

Regarding the choice of the base, a balanced dosage 50PG / 50GV will be ideal for your vape!