vape bags and cases

1The electronic vapor generator is an electronic system for introducing nicotine into the human body. Initially, it was designed to help people who are dependent on the use of tobacco products.

You need to carry your e-liquid brands in hand luggage. There is no separate regulation for this. According to the rules of almost all airlines for onboard of the aircraft, you can take maximally 1 liter of efluid- in total. It should be packed into small containers only, no e-liquid 120ml containers are allowed.

Problems of cheap premium vape juice transportation will not arise if you follow these rules. A few tips. It is not recommended to take a loaded device with you. During take-off and landing, pressure drops occur. Because of them, the liquid can flow. Ackaging containers with e-liquids need to be taken in plastic vape bags and cases. It is better if it will be in an accessible place, so that there is no hitch in the inspection before the flight.

These rules for the transport of e-juices are valid in the territory of the European Union, Norway, Morocco, Iceland, Switzerland, USA, Brazil and South Africa. Information about other countries should be checked with the air carrier. To vape or not to vape during the flight.

Every passenger must decide it separately. Most airlines have banned the use of electronic cigarettes, although the law does not regulate this issue in any way.

To some extent, the rules harm the premium e-juice sale. Although there are no reasons for it. Numerous researches state that e-liquid flavors do not harm the health as usual cigarettes do.What is the reason for different bans? That is why, vape anytime and anywhere. This is your choice and everyone should respect it too.