tornado bubblegum strawberry

tornado bubblegum strawberryThere is a section of the customer guide on the websites of e-juice wholesale suppliers where recipes of free vape juice and reviews of e-liquid ingredients are collected. If you want your self-mixes to be with e-liquid nicotine, then you need to buy separately nicotine. In order not to violate the ratio of the base components, you must take away the amount of added flavors and nicotine from the volume of propylene glycol. As an option, you can use a nicobooster, about what nicoboosters are available and which ones are better, read in other e-liquid reviews.

The syringe is needed so that you can conveniently and correctly measure the volume of all components and keep their correct balance between them.

Bottle. The bottle is needed for our cheap premium vape juice, so that it is stored in the right place. Let’s give you an example of how to properly prepare vape flavors diy.

We will make a liquid with the taste of banana-tornado bubblegum strawberry. The liquid will be 30 ml with a base of 30 propylene glycol per 70 glycerin, 22% flavors and 1.5% nicotine. To begin with, we mix the flavors. We need 4 flavors: Banana, Strawberry, Sweet Cream, and Milk. We take and use a syringe to cast 3 ml of Banana Cream or if you do not have a syringe, it will be approximately 99 drops. To the banana flavor add 79 drops of Strawberry. There are also added 30 drops of Sweet Cream and 10 drops of Milk. Close the bottle and shake it a bit. Now, to the mixed aromes, add 1.95 ml of propylene glycol.

Good question. In order not to break the proportions and have exactly 30 ml in the bottle. We must take away the volume of added flavors and nicotine just the same from propylene glycol. It turns out our 22% of the aroma and 1.5% of nicotine we need to take away from 30% of propylene glycol and it turns out that in our self-mixes we must add 1.95 ml of propylene glycol. Shake it all up and use a syringe to cast 0.45 ml of nicotine. The liquid is almost ready; we must only add 15 ml of glycerin. After you have added the glycerin, shake your bottle. You can end up vaping right away, but the flavors have not yet 100% been dissolved and the taste of the liquid will be worse. Let it dissolve for at least a day.