The way of using a Cartridge or Cartomizer

The way of using a Cartridge or Cartomizer

The e-cig is not designed very complicated. Your e-cigarette is most likely made up of one of two designs.

It’s either a three-part e-cigarette with a battery, atomizer and hollow cartridge or a two-part e-cigarette with a battery and atomized cartridge or also called “cartomizer.”

If you want to connect a cartomizer, simply tighten it into the threading at the top of your e-cigarette battery. To use a cartridge, locate the small metal atomizer included with your e-cigarette and tighten it into the battery. Gently push a cartridge fully into or on top of the atomizer, and you’re ready to do.
After you have charged you e-cigarette, you can continue enjoying this awesome product. Many people do not consider it a problem to charge an e-cig from time. It is not bothersome or irritating for them.

Moreover, most of the working people like to a charged cigarette. It reduces their stress levels and makes them feel relieved and satisfied with life. This happens as e – cigarettes create conditions that help the body to deal with anxiety, depression or stress.

As a result, a smoker gets his portion of relaxation and tranquility. This way of smoking makes the mind think better and properly. It is quite a good motivation for a smoker to start his day!