Juul compatible pods UK applications

There are two main Juul compatible pods UK applications: for liquids and for sticks.
The pod system for liquids is close in functionality to a conventional electronic cigarette. Most often consists of a battery pack, a cartridge with a tank and a spiral. Liquid can be added until the spiral breaks down. Then a cartridge replacement. Enough for weeks, with a moderate pace of use, for months – with a rare one.
The pod system for sticks is essentially a vaporizer – a device for breathing in heated tobacco vapor. A user buys a stick filled with tobacco, which is saturated with glycerin. After several dozen puffs, the stick is replaced with a new one. Beautiful, but expensive, both in itself and in maintenance.

The Juul compatible pods UK applications for liquids can differ in the type of control: automatic power-on when tightening or – with the power supply button. They can be with a screen for displaying information (iJOY Ivpc Kit), or – without it (Eleaf iCare Solo), with mode buttons (VooPoo VFL) or – a completely smooth body.
The main differences from traditional vaping devices are size and power. POD systems are small, what makes them convenient to carry and use for short breaks. When giving up cigarettes, the main problem is nicotine hunger. To quench it using traditional devices, you will need either high power, leading to the generation of a large amount of vapor, or a strong nicotine liquid, causing a severe throat spasm. Filling the cartridge with liquid on nicotine salt allows you to solve two problems: it quickly saturates the body with nicotine at low power, avoiding the inhalation of large volumes of vapor.

Which pod system is best can only be decided by the user based on their own experience. If you are trying to completely stop smoking tobacco, you should choose a Juul compatible pods UK application for liquids. If you want to control the process, do it with a voltage supply button and a screen. If the screen is not needed, but you like to configure various modes with control.