iQos cigarettes buy online

The e-commerce industry is developing every day more with IQOS cigarettes buy online proposals. Many manufacturers, owners of offline points, private masters want to expand the segment of customers and increase sales. For this, they go to the Internet space, where the number of active users is constantly increasing and people expect IQOS cigarettes buy online online offers.

Both newcomers and owners of existing distribution channels may face a difficult choice when switching to e-commerce: create your own online store, use a ready-made trading platform – a marketplace or sell it on social networks. Today we’ll talk about the first two ways: online store and marketplace.

Marketplace (or trade place) is an online platform where you can select and find IQOS cigarettes buy online offers from various sellers registered on the platform. The main values of the marketplace are a mechanism for the comfortable provision of trading services for customers on both sides of the transaction and tools to optimize the sales process. Another advantage of the marketplace model is the ability to buy everything you need in one place, saving time, which consumers have less every day.

An online store is a business card of one company to promote IQOS cigarettes buys online offers. Nevertheless, for the most part, the difference is that virtual retail stores on a separate domain are a storefront of one point, and a marketplace is an entire trading room with many storefronts.

Where to sell goods and promote the IQOS cigarettes buy online online offers? Create your own online store from scratch or place products on one of the most popular trading platforms? It depends on several factors, let us consider them.

A large marketplace is a platform that customers already know. So the main advantage of creating an account on the marketplace is direct access to the audience of the site.

In the case of your online store, you will need to spend large advertising budgets to attract traffic from the target audience.


In the case of creating your own online store, it is difficult to scale your sales outside one country.