How to choose the right nicotine level in your e-liquid?

There are a lot of key decisions to make when it comes to choosing a vape. Which model of the electronic cigarette? What type of drawing do I want etc. But the experience is useless if the device does not fulfil its most important task: Giving you your nicotine intake.

For this, there are several dosages of nicotine which generally range from 0 to 16mg. The choice of its dosage is an essential element, because indeed if the user is under-dosed, he will not feel this feeling of satiety which can create difficulties for quitting smoking.

In this guide, you will find some tips to better understand nicotine and be able to choose the right dosage.

Nicotine in our e-liquids: 

One of the important things to know about nicotine is that it is the molecule that creates addiction. It should not be confused with the hundreds of other substances contained in tobacco which are carcinogenic such as carbon monoxide or tar. It is therefore important to keep in mind that it is better to vape a high level of nicotine than to smoke a single cigarette. 

You should also know that nicotine addiction is a complex element and that each profile is different. Even if there are benchmarks to determine your nicotine needs, you must first base yourself on your feelings and try several rates.

The importance of HIT: 

The HIT is a term that refers to the feeling in the throat that your vaper provides. This is closely linked to your nicotine level. Indeed the HIT gives us the sensation of smoking through this scratching, the goal is to get closer to that provided by a cigarette. The Hit is, therefore, a key element in weaning, indeed if it is too low, you will have the impression of inhaling flavoured air and you will feel a lack of satiety. Conversely, a too high HIT will be unpleasant and will make you cough.

Be careful all the same, when you start vaping, the nicotine present in the vapour can make you cough, even at rates close to 0. It’s the same feeling when you consume other nicotine substitutes such as chewing gum. This feeling disappears after a few days of vaping.

It is recommended not to start vaping with a rate lower than 6mg at the beginning, because the HIT provided may be insufficient.

When to lower the nicotine dosage?

You have found your e-liquid, defined the dosage you need and after a few days or weeks, the desire to reduce its nicotine level awakens in you? Keep in mind that a long wean will be more effective. Do not do anything the too-rapid decrease in the rate of nicotine can make you run to your old tobacconist. So there are a few rules to follow.

We talked about it above, you have to analyze your feelings, and ask yourself the right questions, it is useless to consider lowering the dosage if you still smoke or if you still feel fragile. In these cases, the reduction can accelerate the relapse. So take your time and let a good month go by before thinking about it, try to lower your nicotine level when your e-liquid consumption has started to drop, and don’t hesitate to go back to a higher dosage if you feel that you risk cracking.

Defining your nicotine level is not easy when you start, it is important to define it well for a successful experience in the vape.