Halo e-liquid UK

Halo e-liquid UKThe Vapergate e-liquids are not distinguished by any special packing design, they are delivered in ordinary glass transparent bottles with pipettes. But these simple bottles contain the main value for vapers, namely the Halo e-liquid UK that can amaze many experienced consumers of e-liquid brands who prefer the e-liquid 120ml volumes because such capacities of e-liquid bottles are also presented in the market.

In our e-liquid reviews, we mainly focus on the tastes and notes of cheap premium vape juice and we are starting with it now.

In general, we have to mention the ratio of 70 glycerin to 30 propylene glycol.

The best e-juice brands include:


The manufacturer describes this mixture as a kind of tropical premium fruit juice brands. We got ready for something very exotic, but there was a cool citrus mix. At the output, there is also a weak pineapple taste. By the way, the menthol taste is also present there, but it is much nicer than in most other e-liquids.

Hyper Drive

Our first impression was that this was another cool mix. The targeted e-liquid ingredients are pineapple and peach and they are both felt while inhaling this vapor. The pineapple taste notes slightly appear in this taste.


There are two main ingredients, with the tastes of peach and marshmallow. If the first one is adored in any form, the second one is not really liked by every user. Although, in the opinion of most consumers, everything is very nice, they have fun with this e-liquid.


The description indicates that 14 wholesale e-juice flavors were used to develop this mix. As a result, the e-liquid had to turn out into a fruit variety. There are pretty many vapers who support this idea.


We believe that the producer especially adores raspberries. For these guys, this is a special case. In the case of this e-liquid, we have a mix of grapes and ripe raspberries. We used to often drink tea with such combination, so the taste caused nostalgia. It’s very pleasant, with a cool raspberry aftertaste.