E-Cigarette Cost is an evident benefit for a long time

E-Cigarette Cost is an evident benefit for a long time

What do you think about the cost benefits of e-cigarettes? After you’ve purchased your first starter kit, the low e-cigarette cost really starts to become quite noticeable. Let’s imagine that you buy two 30 ml bottles of e-liquid from a company such as Halo each month.

With shipping, you’ll pay a certain amount per month and you’ll probably even have some e-liquid left over. Let’s also suppose that you buy a new tank atomizer and pack of empty tanks each month at a reasonable cost together with shipping. So, your total e-cigarette cost may exceed a little bit your usual purchase.

If you smoked a pack of cigarettes each day in the same time period, you would have spent twice more at the current average price of cigarettes. Annually, e-smoking would cost you not so much, while cigarettes would cost you a fortune. That’s a saving of a quite remarkable sum of money! If you calculate everything correctly, you would make a right decision in time.

The savings continue to mount if you live in one of the 24 United States and territories with an average cigarette tax. For example, you live in New York, which has an average cigarette cost per pack when you purchase by the carton. Here, the savings provided by the much lower e-cigarette cost become truly unbelievable.

Switching to e-cigarettes would cause a significant cost savings per year. And if you continue e-smoking it can last even for years. Imagine how it could influence your savings and investments, your amusement budget, your health care, spare time — everything what really matters to you.