Aniseed e liquid

We have some advice for businesspersons wno want arrange and manage the e-juice flavor concentrate wholesale.

There must be variety of top vape flavors, vape juice flavors with nicotine and vape juice brands without nicotine. This is a very simple and understandable recommendation, but for some reason, not all follow it. Vape-shop should even overlap absolutely all tastes with different e-liquid brands on its worst day. There should be no negative answer to the question “do you have anything with mint” or «aniseed e liquid?”. But the absence of a certain brand on request (its taste or fortress) is certainly possible.

Replenishment of vape juice flavors list. Yes, it is not necessary to increase the assortment too much for small vape-shops; otherwise there is a risk of long-lasting balances. Money should work. But vape juice brands list should be expanded or at least replaced. The selection of popular positions and the replacement of non-popular ones by the new ones is another important task of an active vape-shop.

Low strength for experienced and higher for beginners. There should be coverage of the entire fortress with at least 2-3 brands together in each segment of e-liquid wholesale prices. In the current situation, a high strength is less relevant; consider this with a stock of goods

Seller. This is a very important factor for successful vape-shop and proper liquid delivery. This place is not suitable for ordinary sellers, who are put in a sales point with a minimum knowledge of the subject. It should be an experienced salesman with an experience in vaping of 1-2 years and knowledge of devices and brands of liquids. He should try himself EVERY product of the presented and more than once. He must be able to help both technically and as a seller, to motivate the customer to make the right move to buy.